Sunday, 15 November 2009

New Love...

New Love

Often dazed by the euphoria of a new adventure,
Consumed by the desire to explore the unknown,
Blinded by the glow of new love,
Dazzled by the glimmer from afar,
Drawn in by the sweet smell of the new,
Excited by the possibilities..
Overcome by curiosity,
Swelled with desire,
Consumed by lust,

One must walk into the valley of the unknown,
tempted to test fate,
Eager to dance with destiny,
Mindful of those that might get hurt...
Weary of hearts that may be broken
Respectful of the past, least it comes back to haunt the present,
Mindful of the consequences..
Fearful of the repercussions..

Yet plunge we must, into the abyass of love...
eyes closed .. heart open .. arms outstretched and explore that "new love" riddled with limitless possibilities or endless heartache...

Hopeful that maybe .. just maybe..

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