Wednesday, 15 February 2012


We don’t marry someone because society Expects,
the situation Dictates,
age & time Demand,
tribe and creed Decree ...

We marry them because…
We see the future in his eyes,
Feel the love in her touch,
Hear the promise of tomorrow in his voice,
Sense the limitless possibilities,
Smell the sweet aroma of mutual attraction,
We taste the sweet flavour of love’s promises in that 1st kiss…

We marry Someone who Compliments our ideas
Supplements our Deficiencies,
Stimulates our Desires,
Celebrates our common interests,
Respects our Differences,
Understands our Fears,
Encourages our Doubts,
That someone who adds Value to us,
not by the colour of the money in their pocket,
but by the content of their character….